Resident Info

Online & Automatic Rent Payment

We offer residents the ability to make one-time or automatic monthly payments directly from your bank account. No headaches, no hassle, no more late fees!

Company: Rent Payment
Phone: 866-289-5977

Service Request Form

Use this form to alert our on-site maintenance personnel to any non-emergency issues.

Pet Policy

Learn more about our pet-friendly policies and restrictions.

Utility | Water

All new residents must establish a water utility account with NWP Services prior to move-in. Your Leasing Agent at the Park Place office can assist you with this process.
Company: NWP Services Corporation

Utility | Electricity

All new residents must establish an electric utility account and provide the leasing office with their confirmation number before moving-into their apartments.
Company: Duke Energy
Phone: 1-800-700-8744

Utilities | Internet, Cable, Phone

Brighthouse (now Spectrum) is the provider for internet and cable tv. Phone service is also available through Brighthouse as well as numerous other providers. 
Company: Brighthouse
Phone: 727-858-4776

Renters Insurance

Park Place recommends that all residents have a Renters Liability Insurance policy. You have thousands of dollars in property. Maybe you can’t afford to replace it all, but you can insure it — for cheap. A renters insurance policy typically costs less than a dollar a day. In case of the unexpected; fire, flood, or theft, that small daily cost will save you thousands. While residents are free to purchase policies from the provider of their choice, Park Place recommends Multifamily Insurance Partners.
Company: Multifamily Insurance Partners, LLC
Phone: 855-256-0857
Recommended coverage amount: $50,000 per occurrence with a $500 deductible.